About Keisha

Hi! My name is Keisha and here’s where you get to learn about the woman behind the brand. I’m  a Trinidad native (born and raised). I’m a licensed International Event & Wedding Professional with a focus in Corporate Events. I love spicy food, have a ridiculously powerful sweet tooth (ice cream and brownies specifically) and love music 🎶. You’ll find me listening to southern rap, soca, neo-soul and gospel most often.

I’m a family gal, love jewelry and accessories and reading. When I’m not with a client, I’m usually devouring organizational content on YouTube, volunteering at my church or convincing my friends to go on long drives.

I love all things Second Cup, Indigo and my favorite clothing brand is The Allen Avenue.



I tell your business’s story through your various platforms in your brand’s voice, tone and language.

Social Media

Managing your social accounts by creating content and supporting engagement of your community.

Email & Calendar Mgmt.

The mitigation & monitoring of an individual’s email account and calendar.

Administrative Support

This is where I feel my most comfortable as being in the administration field for over 10 years.

The Written Saige

I created The Written Saige brand to speak to the fellow stationery lover like myself. The person who has all the journals, knows the difference between a 1.0 and 0.7 fine point writing instrument, and loves all things words. I will be developing lifestyle products that speak to the writers, readers, interior designers, Christian-believers, and the people that love them.

My featured product is the Anchored Deck. This deck of 21 affirmation cards caters to the person who has or is struggling with their identity, and looking to the word of God to create a place of safety in uncertainty. The way I’ve designed these cards encourages the receiver to speak the two most powerful words in any language: I AM. Every morning, I take a card and repeat the I AM statement 10 times. Sounds excessive? Did you know that experts say that when we can meet one negative thought, with five positive ones, we can offset our negativity bias? There’s an additional Biblical scripture to commit to memory, so when the despairing and heavy thoughts come to mind, we are able to present the Creator’s promises and words to any given situation.

Reminding ourselves of who are is vital to our mental and spiritual wellness. The Anchored Deck is available only on The Allen Avenue website (www.theallenavenue.com).


Simply Amazing

Keisha is an amazing addition to my team. VA is not the word I would describe her. She is a partner in growth, a partner in process and progression. I truly value her opinions and insight. VA are really your right hand. Thank you for all the amazing work. If you’re building your dream team, Keisha is a dream that makes things become reality.

Lynda K

In2Mate Décor